Majo John

Majo John Madden was born John and morphed into Majo on the Greyhound bus moving him and his duffel bag from Chicago to Asheville, NC, in 2004.

He has worked for 20 years as a clinical psychologist, then

Jmm- straightarrow
Dr. John Madden, Ph.D. clinical psychology, University of Rochester

15 years as a management consultant and now 13 years as “the working class hero I was always meant to be” (taxi driver, restaurant server, grocery store cashier, call center operator, pet sitter, on-demand poet and more).

Majo Madden, dog walker, with his Buddy

In his first year in Asheville, he dared for the first time to use the titles “writer” and “poet” – and that has changed a lot of things.

Performing poetry
Writing poetry

He has raised several dogs – most recently Buddy and Toni.  Mybuddysblog is a great read on the relationship between people and dogs.  He knows a lot about dogs – but zip about birds. (He is learning fast.)

  • Can he be successful at adopting a seven-year old bird?
  • Can he pick the right one? (Oliver? Was picked for him.)
  • Can he learn fast enough?
  • Can this non-domestic guy prepare the high-quality fruits and vegetables and “mash” that parrots need for well-being?
  • Can this non-handy guy learn to hand-make parrot toys (for the birds to explore, stimulate, manipulate and “destroy”), so store-bought toys don’t bust the bank?
  • Can he keep this bird healthy, so there are no huge vet bills?
  • Will the parrot’s squawking get him thrown out of his apartment?