“Tomorrow” (to the tune of West Side Story)

Tomorrow – Saturday, December 15th – is only a day away!  Tomorrow I go to my second two-hour workshop on parrots at Phoenix Landing Parrot Rescue!  This in itself is exciting, but after the workshop I see Oliver for all of the third time in five weeks – and the first time lasted 3 minutes!  (The second time was two hours.)  Could it be possible that I love him already?  I think that for me it was love at first sight.  I don’t know what’s going on in that beady little mind of his.

Where did I learn that expression?  Where did I learn to think of birds that way?  “Birdbrain”: annoyingly shallow or stupid person”.  Here’s one artist’s rendering: birdbrain

I’ve got a lot of unlearning to do.  Maybe that’s part of why Life brought the two of us together.

What if I were to learn to see birds as truly intelligent?  What if I came to view them as in some real way our equal?  What if I believed that the only real limits on Oliver’s intelligence are limits I dream up in my mind – or ways I’m too lazy to exercise and stretch his mind?  What of there were no limits on our relationship: in our mutual respect, mutual trust, mutual challenge?

So what will happen tomorrow?  Any of this?  Will he even remember me?

I decided yesterday morning – “decided”? – no, it just became obvious to me that it was true…that I’m ready to “foster” Oliver.  (With the Phoenix Landing sanctuary, fostering is always the first step towards adoption.)  After five weeks of dithering around: “I don’t know why I’m not ready to foster, but I’m not – even though I know he’s the bird for me, and I’m his person.”

Linda McLean with female on head
Linda and a female eclectus in Australia – where, with the Solomon Islands, they come from.  There were huge flocks flying free – and one female who decided she liked Linda.

In a Facebook conversation on this topic, Linda McLean said “Go ahead, take your time – I think Oliver has already made up his mind.”  Linda is pretty savvy about parrots – maybe he has.

2 thoughts on ““Tomorrow” (to the tune of West Side Story)

    1. I’m so excited! I’m hoping to tell a story at The Moth storytelling evening next Thursday and I just spontaneously dictated a five-minute story about me and Oliver. He’s on my mind almost constantly. My next blog target is to put up a post about the visit later on Saturday. Do I remember right that you signed up to “Follow” the blog? Then you’ll get an email notice when I do post something. Have a good weekend!


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