Visit 3 (December 15) Questions

  1. Can I take a bunch of photos? (I’m writing a blog here, people!)
  2. Can I get a phone number, so I can reach y’all more directly than the current email?
  3. Are the roads out there in the country too icy?  (“Yes, don’t come today – visit Oliver after the workshop on Saturday.”  That’s four more days – OK, I can do it.)
  4. When is the toy making day?  (cheap parrot toys!)toys
  5. How will I know if Oliver has chosen me?
  6. How will I know when I am ready to foster Oliver (always, at this adoption center, the first step before adoption)?
  7. What’s holding me back?UNCERTAINTY road sign isolated on white
  8. Now that I am writing all this, am I going to slow the whole process down to make it a good story :)?
  9. What’s involved in them approving my request to foster Oliver, when I make that request?
  10. Will I need to get a “play stand”?  play stand(Nicole has indicated that the center would “probably” provide a cage.)  Just how expensive is this going to be?
  11. Is adopting a parrot even financially feasible for someone on a limited budget?
  12. Oliver looks really solid, really hardy compared to some of the fluffier parrots.  Are eclectus parrots especially healthy? (less likely to get sick or need a lot of expensive vet attention)  For what can I use my regular vet – who I love and who “sees birds”, but is not an “avian vet”?

    What helps a parrot stay healthy?

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