Visit 2 – Questions

  • Can I take pictures?pexels-photo-1264210
  • What’s his age?
  • What’s his life story?  All of it, from the beginning until now.
  • Is he difficult to place?
  • Does he bite?
  • How would he be with roommates?
  • What’s his life span? A web site says up to 30 – shorter than a lot of parrots.
  • Can he fly? (Are his wings clipped.) I have 9 ft. ceilings – kind of high.
  • Does he talk?
  • What’s his diet?eating a pepper
  • How social is he?
  • When is the toy-making day?
  • What about pooping?
    • pooping while flying
    • pooping on people
    • how do you clean up poop?
  • price to get in?
    • used cages?
    • If I foster, do they loan me a cage? toys?
    • Are there handouts about food?
    • Can I get first refusal?
      • If somebody else expresses an interest in him, can I have first chance to foster him?

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