My encounter with Bob – 12/1/18

Bob Sinclair is married to Heather Sinclair, my vet from my two recent dogs.  She’s an amazing vet and I adore her.  She’s a goddess and Bob is a very good guy.  I’m sure he deserves her.Heather Sinclair

Bob and I frequently meet at the grocery store – Earth Fare, where I recently worked for four years. (See my blog “Real Life in the Checkout Line.“)  I bumped into Bob a couple of days after Visit 1 with Oliver.  From him I ascertained several things:

  1. Heather sees birds – it is one of her specialties.  She is not an “avian vet” and if Oliver got very sick there is someone for referrals, but Heather could handle the routine stuff.  Very good news, for lots of reasons.  (I get to see her!  Yay!)
    Dr. Pat

    Dr. Pat

    Bird Veterinarian

    25+ years working primarily or exclusively with birds

  2. Heather has her own parrot – maybe an eclectus, I can’t remember – who Bob says is “an amazing bird”.  I’m loaded with questions, mostly variations of “what makes him amazing?”
  3. In reference to my question about whether Oliver was “interested in me”, Bob described two relevant behaviors:
    1. “Pinning”, where the pupils get really tiny.  I understand that this can also be a sign of aggression.  Maybe at root it’s a sign of really focusing on you.
    2. The other sign is lifting of the wings.  parrot aggression 4   I think too much of this can also signal aggression, but maybe it’s always a sign of getting energized. I couldn’t remember Oliver manifesting either of these behaviors at our minimal little Visit 1 – and I didn’t see him showing either of them at Visit 2, but Nicole said she definitely saw him pinning when he was riding around on my shoulder and it definitely seemed to her like a good sign.