Visit 1 (11/10/18) – How it went.

Visit one lasted about three minutes after the workshop.  I had gotten so pitifully lost in the country on the way out to Alexander that, as the workshop was breaking up, I asked if I could follow somebody back into town.  Ann was going to be patiently (?) waiting in her car for me to finish up.

eclectus 3
Eclectus parrot – not Oliver (not that at this point I could tell one from another).  No photos taken at Visit 1.

Camille the intern got Oliver out of his cage.  I tried to breathe.  He was beautiful.  He seemed calm.  He was quiet – especially compared with the cacophony of bird screams and calls that had erupted since we entered the aviary.

(Does he mind me being here?)  No sign of that.

(Is he interested in me?)  Why do I think yes, maybe?  I can’t really tell.

“How old is he?” (Questions I had not thought about asking before being in front of him.) “I don’t know.”

“Do you know any of the story about why he’s here?  What’s his life been like?”  “No.”

“Does he talk?”  “Yes, but I don’t think he’s a big talker.”  (Although I still didn’t hear him talk at Visit 2, she apparently is wrong about this.)

And then I was out, with lots more questions than answers.

2 thoughts on “Visit 1 (11/10/18) – How it went.

    1. Thanks, PJ. My intent is that the blog will balance three story lines: learning about parrots, my personal neurotic heroic process, and the relationship between this person and this parrot (the real payoff of the blog). Keep reading – and keep commenting! Even a “very interesting” is dramatically more motivating than no response :).


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