Why Oliver?

  • Because he is imperfect
  • Because he needs healing also
  • Because so far he doesn’t like to be touched – I don’t get an easy fix for my touch needs.  No photos yet of Oliver – here’s an eclectus pair (the male is green).eclectus 4
    • What’s it like to have a pet that doesn’t want to have me touch him?  We have to make contact in different ways: verbally? Nonverbally?
    • I need to not let him do mating behaviors as one way to contact me:
      • Eclectus parrots are “hypersexual” – they mate 365 days a year.
      • If I let him regard me as his mate, he will “protect” me from other people and birds.
      • That was a problem with the last companion owners: he “mated” with the wife and was aggressive to the husband.
  • Because i want to see what it’s like to have a pet who can verbally communicate
    • He’s “really smart” – even more than other parrots?
    • He has a “huge” vocabulary.
    • He can maybe learn to read (Jennifer Cunha, My Reading Pets ).consent-1-711x642
  • Because he likes me.
    • “Interested” at first meeting
    • Way interested at second meeting
    • My savvy friend Linda McLean said, “Take your time deciding when and if to foster.  Oliver has probably already decided.”

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