Why adopt a parrot?

About three years ago, I knew a guy named Sal who had 13 parrots. I never did understand why. He was an odd guy and much of his life was used up taking care of these birds, but it always seemed like they gave him a lot back too. I remember being really interested in the parrots. I didn’t like him enough to want to go over to his house and see them but I wanted to get the information about the adoption center where he got them. It’s the same place I’m going to now.logo
I didn’t know what drew me to these birds then, but I’m starting to get some hints now.
  • Because I am meant to open up my kinship with this other part of life.
    I’ve never had a bird – I don’t know birds.  I want to.
  • Because once in my young life (grad school?) I was obsessed with birds – bird watching, thinking I had been a bird in a previous life time, flying dreams.
  • I’ve had flying dreams through my lifetime.

    hawk 1
    I think the flying dreams of my youth more involved hawks or eagles.  But parrots can be impressive flyers.  When Oliver just opens his wings and flaps from the top of a cage to my shoulder, he really gets my attention.
    • One of these dreams – the last one I remember having, and many years ago – was so vivid that i went out in the backyard believing that if I just could remember how I focused my mind in the dream, I would in fact be able to fly.
  • There is so much I need to learn about parrots – it will really preoccupy me, take my mind off my depression.  (It already is doing this, even without a physical parrot in my house.)
  • Because i read the New York Times article about PTSD parrots and PTSD vets healing each other.
  • I understand they are good companions – Nicole tells me that Oliver is a good companion.

    I long to see parrots fly in the wild.
  • A companion pet that can actually communicate in spoken language – what a gas that would be!

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