Why am I not adopting another dog?

  • Because at two months since Toni died, I’m not through grieving her.  I go to a “Pet Bereavement” support group twice a month and I want to let that process take its course.
  • Because I don’t want to try to have a new dog “replace” Toni.  I want to savor – sit with – just what a special dog she was and what a special connection we had.
  • Because my ornery self wants to violate the expectations of all those people who ask me “Are you going to get another dog?”  Not totally violate their expectations.  I will often also offer the other half of that truth, after “No” or the softer “not yet” – “I can’t picture going through life without another dog – but just not yet.
    Lucy and Parrot
  • This picture of a dog and a parrot says it all for me.  I use it under my email signature.  I believe in the Kinship with All Life.  Nicole, Oliver’s caretaker, has two dogs.  A parrot is likely to live a long time.  I like the idea of a parrot and a dog.

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